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Other Technologies and Products
Power Plant Fuel Cell Systems

Integrate Horizon's VLS II fuel cell stack. This system adopts a skid-mounted design and is applied to the power generation plant.

Product Parameters:


​Product Features:

  • Modular design, very easy to install

  •  Fully automatic control mode

  • DC-AC inverters meet international requirements

  • Can be used as regular electricity and backup electricity

  • Suitable for local or remote real-time monitoring

  •  Long life and high efficiency

​ T series Air-Cooled Systems

The T series is highly integrated with Horizon's air-cooled H series of fuel cell stacks, which are widely used in off-grid power generation and backup power supply fields, such as telecommunication base stations, security monitoring and data centers.

Product Parameters:


​Product Features:

  • The cost is lower than diesel power system

  • Remote intelligent monitoring

  •  Equipped with anti-theft solution

  •  Optional extended operation/auxiliary fuel tank

  •  Low operating noise and strong environmental adaptability

  •  High reliability, flexible backup power

  • Can be mixed with solar or wind energy

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