The AQUIGEN 180 fuel cell system connects to your on-board 12V battery and continuously monitors its charge level. If your battery voltage drops below a predetermined threshold, the unit automatically kicks in to start recharging. This prevents unhealthy severe discharge and recharge cycles, thus maintaining longer service life. After charging is complete, the AQUIGEN  180 reverts to standby mode automatically. The generator does not emit any toxic emissions and can be used indoors, as auxiliary power for your recreational vehicle or as emergency power for your home.

  • Uses a non-flammable fuel

  • 100% reliable, always available

  • Robust industrial construction and metal casing

  • Near-silent operation, can be used in confined spaces

  • Easy solution for battery charging from wind or solar power

  • Remote control for operation and monitoring included

  • Environmentally friendly, extremely efficient

  • Mobile, light and compact

made in Australia

AQUIGEN 180 recreational off-grid power supply



AQUIGEN 180 deep-cycle battery charge maintainer



AQUIGEN 180 can be combined with a PV solar system to reduce fuel consumption and provide an even longer lasting power source. The solar module can produce ample electricity, the solar system takes over. 



Silent & automatic battery charge maintainer

No flammable fuels on board / system uses an aqueous fuel delivery system (80% water)


24/7 electric power for remote sites designed for water metering (flood-measuring posts), flow-metering, tsunami early warning sytsems, seismic monitoring, early warning systems for forest fires, measuring radioactivity.



24/7 electric power for remote sites with sensors, cameras or communications.