AUTOPAK represents the culmination of Horizon's approach which was thinking BIG but starting small - 10 years ago....We are starting small also in the automotive area, simply to limit the need for hydrogen - which is always the biggest challenge. And it may just prove successful: we will be enabling the largest ever deployment of several hydrogen vehicles in Europe starting in 2013.

London & Singapore — June 5, 2013, UK on-road trials of the first AUTOPAK fuel cell system installed in a vehicle are now in progress, and have so far accumulated 100 miles in a broad range of road, traffic and weather conditions.

The new power module is enabled by next generation hydrogen fuel cells from Horizon, and designed into a system for automotive use by London-based Arcola Energy. The first unit is installed in UK’s Microcab lightweight fuel cell vehicle developed in partnership with Coventry University.

The Microcab vehicle will be the first in the European Union Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Joint-Undertaking funded SWARM project (Small 4-Wheel fuel cell passenger vehicle Applications in Regional and Municipal transport) which will see a total rollout of 90 trial vehicles over the next 3 years, to gather data on vehicle usage patterns as well as their hydrogen refilling stations.

The Horizon AUTOPAK enabled vehicle will be demonstrated to the public and to fleet vehicle buyers at the 'Company Car in Action' event to be held at Millbrook on 11-12 June 2013. Millbrook is one of Europe's leading vehicle test and development centres with a history of proving innovative British automotive technology.

Microcab's powertrain is a hybrid battery and fuel-cell system, with a highly optimized and low cost 3kW Horizon fuel cell solution that gives a range of up to 180 miles (290 km), extendable a further 20 miles (30km) with a plug-in recharge.

Control and power electronics have been optimised to maximise fuel cell reliability and lifetime in automotive operating conditions. A 5kW version of AutoPAK with further improved power density and hydrogen efficiency will be integrated later in 2013.

AUTOPAK Automotive fuel cell System

AUTOPAK is a turnkey automotive power system solution made in the UK using Horizon latest fuel cells, enabling low-cost hydrogen vehicles.



- 'Next-generation' PEM fuel cell stacks with UK-manufactured Johnson Matthey MEA for improved lifetime and power density.

- Arcola Command Module: smart management of the fuel cell reduces unnecessary start-stop cycles and zero-load idling to minimise stack degradation.

- Nitrogen purge option extends stack lifetime by eliminating degradation mechanism reactants before and after every operation.

- 93% efficient DC-DC converter.

- Output voltage (for vehicle-drive and battery/ultracapacitor charge) adjustable between 70-100V.

- Cold-start preheating enables use in temperatures as low as -5°C.

- Comprehensive data-logging & remote monitoring (via GSM) provide diagnostics to assist vehicle integrators' design decisions.

- Integration support and after-sales service options available from Arcola Energy Limited.

- Cost-effective customised solutions available on request to meet specific power requirements.

AutoPAK 3kW modules can be supplied individually or combined in parallel configuration to provide the required output power. The system is designed to be used in a 'baseload' or range-extender configuration for high efficiency lightweight electric vehicles in which peak loads are supplied by batteries or supercapacitors.

AUTOPAK is used in Microcab's fleet of lightweight vehicles which are being trialled in the UK over the coming months. For further details, visit www.microcab.co.uk

Arcola Energy has installed a customised version of AUTOPAK in Riversimple's highly innovative new vehicle, using twin Horizon 3kW stacks. Visit www.riversimple.com

Made in London, UK - at Horizon's global center of excellence for mobility applications.​