HYDROPAK emergency off-grid power

Designed for use during emergency situations, it uses one-time cartridges which can be stored for years without losing their charge capacity. (12V + 5V output)

The HYDROPAK uses low cost, high capacity energy storage cartridges that do not self-discharge over years of storage, stores energy at a lower cost than lead acid battery equivalent products. The energy cartridge is plug and play: no need to add water. No Hydrogen is stored inside when it is not used, making it easy to carry anywhere. The system can run indoors with no harmful emissions, is quieter, lighter and smaller than generators. The HYDROPAK makes for an ideal emergency preparedness or camping and outdoors solution.

Key features of the HYDROPAK cartridge based system:

• Provides long shelf life when stored dry, with no self-discharge
• Can run indoors with no harmful emissions
• Is quieter, lighter and smaller than generators
• Stores significantly more energy than batteries at a lower cost