MINIPAK handheld USB charger

The world's lowest cost, lightest and smallest size handheld fuel cell system has entered retail sales and OEM adaptations have started with the BRUNTON brand, available now in multiple retail outlets.

  • Instant power, anywhere, anytime.

  • No sun needed - works in complete darkness

  • Just add a HYDROSTIK hydrogen cartridge to power up immediately

  • Contains a fuel cell that produces instant electricity

  • Charges all USB-compatible devices

  • HYDROSTIK cartridge certified to UN standard for metal hydrides



No matter how far away you are from a wall-socket, know that you have a power source for your electronics. Wether on adventure trips, fishing or hunting, climbing, canoeing or hiking are activities that most often take place in remote areas with no easy grid access.


When you are on the go, you don't really have time to think about charging devices. You may also run out of power during intense communication use, having a Hydrostik or two in your briefcase can help save you in certain mission critical situations.


Power cuts related to natural disasters, resulting from hurricanes, tornadoes or hurricanes strike regularly, yet they take many of us by surprise. Communication is critical to reassemble with loved ones, gather supplies and emergency power is always welcome. 

MINIPAK handheld fuel cell power supply


Each MINIPAK box includes a free USB fllashlight adaptor, several cellphone adaptor tips, and a refillable cartridge.



Devices compatible with the MINIPAK include:

- cellphones

- smartphones

- GPS handhelds

- Go-Pro type cameras

- MP3 players

Any USB powered or chargeable gadgets:

- USB lighting devices

- USB fans

- USB speakers for MP3 players or smart-phones


HYDROSTIK solid state hydrogen cartridge

Each HYDROSTIK can store 14Wh of energy, which is enough for 1-2 charges of a 3G smartphone or 2-3 charges for the average cellphone. 

1 HYDROSTIK=10 disposable AA batteries

at 1W continuous power consumption.

At a continous power consumption of 1W, most AA batteries can last less than one hour, while a HYDROSTIK has enough energy to last 10 hours. Since one HYDROSTIK can be refilled 100 times, the same HYDROSTIK replaces (10x100) or 1000 disposable AA batteries over its lifetime.​

The HYDROSTIK is refillable, it is not a one time use, disposable cartridge, and is thus more environmentally friendly. Unlike other fuel cartridges for fuel cells, it has the additional advantages of being refillable (from pressurized gas bottles, or from water-electrolysis based devices), non-toxic, fully recyclable, and competitive on energy storage cost with existing battery devices.


The cartridge has been designed according to international standards (ISO 16111) for transportable gas storage devices (Hydrogen absorbed in reversible metal hydride).

The hydride cartridge has a battery-like form factor and contains a special metal alloy that allows hydrogen to be stored in a solid-state, as part of the metal alloy matrix stored inside the container.

HYDROSTIKs can be made available in bulk for refill using industrial gas, providing a low-cost portable energy option for users. When using industrial hydrogen gas, the overall energy efficiency of the MINIPAK is higher than batteries being recharged from the power grid (when counting power plant efficiency, power line losses, and typical AC/DC efficiency of chargers).

HYDROFILL hydrogen cartridge refueling system

The HYDROFILL system is designed to refill Horizon's HYDROSTIK solid hydrogen cartridges automatically, using a high performance water-based system, from which hydrogen is extracted. 25W DC power is enough to produce 10 liters of hydrogen per hour, or fill one HYDROSTIK cartridge.

The standard HYDROFILL comes with a standard AC/DC adaptor, and can be adapted easily to small Solar/battery or Wind/battery systems.

With HYDROFILL you no longer need to wait for the infrastructure for hydrogen to happen.

Instead, you just BECOME the infrastructure!