Manufacturing Technologies

Roll to roll fuel cell manufacturing (MicroFC & Stacks)

System integration & Product Design

Fuel integration  /  DC-DC / Electronics / Software

Hydrogen on demand technologies

Electrolysis  /  Hydrolysis  /  Reforming

Reversible Metal Hydride​s  /  Different Chemical Hydrides 

Hydrogen storage solutions

PEM Fuel Cell Technologies

Ultra-Light Stacks, Low Cost Industrial Stacks, MicroFC

PEM Fuel Cell Material Technologies

GDL, Bipolar Plates, MEA, Graphite alternatives 


As early as in 2005, Horizon started applying its fuel cell technologies into a number of products designed in-house, starting with small and simple consumer products, but continuously evolving towards more complex and higher power industrial-grade as well as ultra-light aerospace-grade products. As a result of its unique approach, the company has emerged as the world's leading producer and marketer of fuel cell products, establishing its brand as an innovator and industry leader.

Horizon-branded products in the market today are the result of technological achievements combined with a passion for product design and marketing. Many of Horizon's fuel cell products are already found in retail and specialty stores in over 40 countries in the world. And while our smaller products have continued to enter the market, we have been applying our go-to-market know-how to larger-scale and more complex applications.

Horizon also partnered with several leading market participants in the consumer, industrial and aerospace markets and started customized product development process, which will lead to new fuel cell-integrated products marketed under existing OEM brands.