Horizon has come a long way since the launch of H-RACER in 2006. Today part of Horizon's overall business has evolved into a leading supplier of high-tech education products - ranging from retail-ready items and experiment sets to advanced technical projects. 


New website, new team! 


Incubated by Horizon Fuel Cell since 2004, Horizon Educational was recently re-launched as an independent company in 2013. Expect more curriculum, improved products, and world-class service around the world. 



Click on the website image next-door for a first glimpse or go to www.horizoneducational.com to find out more. 

Eversince one of its products became a TIME MAGAZINE "BEST INVENTION"  Horizon has continued to set the pace of innovation in this category.



 in 2005 we used a toy car to demonstrate our newly invented thin-film micro-fuel cell

In 2006, the first product came out with a real-working solar hydrogen station.

​No matter which category, all our products now come with an easy hydrogen supply solution.

In the same year, H-RACER became a Time Magazine Best Invention among many others. Product design has ever since become a pillar of the company.

Today Horizon has over 20 different types of science kits leading to sales of several hundred thousand units of micro-fuel cell products over the past years.

A high proportion of Horizon products sell through conventional consumer retail channels, creating the need for attractive packaging - another capability that has been developing internally for years, and later applied to all our other market categories 

Horizon developed 2 books  together with Industry experts from the US and Europe. Content is provided in each of our boxes in the form of a CD.

In 2010 Horizon won an international tender to supply the US National Science Competition with a fast-moving fuel cell car kit used in a competitive racing format. This led to the start of  Destination Zero Carbon, a global STEM education program now taking root across several countries.

As we continuously improve our products and functionalities, Horizon created a new fuel cell miniature car that could be steered using a handset using bluetooth. This led to i-H2GO, which was released to the public in late 2013.


New breakthrough in 2013:
A safe hydrogen solution for classrooms, using an on-demand system, producing it when needed. 
No need to store compressed gases 
in school labs! 

 We followed that up with the way to refuel the HYDROSTIK automatically, using water a laptop-type AC plug as the only input. Unthinkable just 1 year ago.

We dramatically reduced the cost and increased the versatility of reversible metal hydride storage solutions.

We called it HYDROSTIK..​

A UNIQUE all-in-one solution....

Horizon's 2013 DIY fuel cell stack construction kit can now actually be used in a bigger way since it runs on the safe HYDROSTIK hydrogen storage, which can be refueled using the HYDROFILL supply solution

So inspiring are our products and our approach to involve the general population into this technology - that the South African Agency for Science & Technology and the National Research Foundation have put together this neat video about the importance of making Science fun, to boost research. Horizon has done just that - and its H-CELL product is featured in the video.