Why Make Hydrogen Powered Toys?

July 24, 2013

Why make toys or education kits? Why not focus on generating renewable power for our homes and cars and planes that will make the real impact in our quest for a carbon-neutral future? As it happens, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies think it’s just as important to make fun educational products as well as larger utility products. Here’s why …




If the aim is a hydrogen economy then we need to get people talking about hydrogen. Hydrogen fuel cells are ready to power cars, recharge cell phones and provide reliable backup energy. None of this matters if people still think of hydrogen as a volatile, expensive, inefficient energy source. Public outreach is a critical success factor for these technologies.


A toy car that looks good, is fun to play with and teaches a little about hydrogen science is a great way to start significantly changing perceptions. The beauty of having a toy that requires only solar energy and water to charge and can be driven by something as familiar as a smartphone or tablet is that it should get parents and kids thinking about how sensible the whole thing is. Cheap to run, fun to play, educational to charge up.


Suddenly hydrogen technology starts to make a lot of sense.


Coolness Factor


The most important thing to say is that the kind of toys you can make with hydrogen technologies are just really, really cool. The i-H2GO is the latest in a line of award winning radio-controlled hydrogen powered cars that manage a difficult balancing act – awesome to play with while packing some serious educational wallop. Kids can discover the principles of electrolysis, fuel cell technology, molecular bonding and all the science that goes into hydrogen generation and application.


Combining this with iPhones, iPads, and, next year, Android devices, is the final piece of the puzzle. Not only does it remove the need for extra remote control batteries, but touchscreen technology looks and feels better. Watch out for the next leap in digital content…it’s right around the corner.

Technology development


Starting small is always a good idea, whatever the endgame. Larger power supplies, electric planes, buses and cars are all part of Horizon’s Fuel Cell’s technology portfolio potential. But one of the best ways to develop a better understanding of the technology of larger, more complex vehicles is to perfect smaller, simpler systems. Some problems are actually easier to manage when they’re scaled down – it’s also easier to see the whole picture, to strip everything down to its essential elements.


Maintaining an innovative toy and education line feeds into the whole range of our products and helps remind us that technology improves every aspect of our lives. It is also the starting point for new technology introduction.

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