Renewable Hydrogen Cycle from Renewables to Applications

September 16, 2013

In the future energy economy, individual households will be able to produce their own energy. This will help to redistribute power because global oil companies will not control so much wealth and resources. Individual households can share their energy with th grid to help distribute energy to areas that may have less due to weather conditions.


In the future, automobiles will be plugged into an outlet in homes and offices to gelp generate electricity for both the vehicles and the houses. Houses only require an average of 10 kW to power everything. And since automobiles can generate 40 kW of power, a car can become a power plant for teh house or office. Cars can also be plugged into a pole when individuals go to work to power the building. This transitoon to a hydrogen economy provides an important challenge and great opportunity of the 21st century.


From the Horizon Renewable Energy Education CD Education Manual by Dr Colleen Spiegel.

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