i-H2GO smartphone hybrid RC car makes the jump to Android

April 4, 2014

Following the success of the i-H2GO hybrid hydrogen-electric RC car with iPhone users across the world Horizon took the decision to open up our bestselling educational toy to Android users. 2014 began with a brand new product from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies: an Android app for i-H2GO. Users of Samsung Galaxy 2, S4, Note II and Note III are now able to experience the most technologically advanced toy car on the market!


The reasoning was fairly simple, while initially we focused on the iPhone market we’ve been delighted with the reaction to our design concept and it only made sense to make inroads into the biggest smartphone market there is. When we began the i-H2GO project we were simply trying to build on the success of our award-winning H-Racer 2.0. We wanted to create a RC car that not only demonstrated the principles of fuel cell transport with a stand-alone hydrogen generator, but was also genuine fun to charge and drive. We’d experimented with a separate RC controller when we created H2GO (i-H2GO’s predecessor) in partnership with Corgi, but even then at the back of our minds we had some ideas about a more innovative solution. We wanted to solve the age old problem of driving an RC car with a controller that was liable to run out of juice quickly, requiring a constant supply of batteries. In the smartphone era, the solution was, quite literally, at our fingertips.


The release of i-H2GO was exciting for all of us – a smartphone-controlled RC car with a hydrogen refueling station converting water into hydrogen? Transparent casing allowing users to see all the chemical reaction as they happen – follow the oxygen leaving the system, seeing the hydrogen tank inside the car inflate, watching the super capacitor spark into life? It was a product that tapped into the age – the age of hydrogen transport and the age of the smartphone.


And then we got to be excited all over again with Android compatibility bringing the i-H2GO to a whole new sector of tech-enthusiasts and eco-aware parents looking to introduce their kids to some of the most exciting green energy principles. Take your pick from electrolysis, energy conversion and conservation, super capacitor technology, solar power and so much more.


Does the i-H2GO journey end here? Definitely not – there’s a lot more to come so watch this space!

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