ECOBOX-MR150 is as quiet as a whisper and has minimal carbon emissions. Its integrated fuel cell uses an electro-chemical process to generate electricity with few moving parts and no combustion. The fuel supply used in ECBOX-MR150  is low volatility methanol-water blended fuel.


The ECOBOX-MR150 fuel cell system can be configured to either connect directly to your load to provide constant, prime power, or connected to your battery to continuously monitor its charge level. If your battery voltage drops below a predetermined threshold, the unit automatically kicks in to start recharging. This prevents unhealthy severe discharge and recharge cycles, thus maintaining longer service life. After charging is complete, the ECOBOX-MR150 reverts to standby mode automatically.


The ECOBOX-MR150 is fuel cell system that consumes its fuel from a unique “on demand” hydrogen  generator that uses low-volatility water-based methanol blend fuel solution.

The Methanol blend is reformed internally to release hydrogen which is immediately converted to electrical power in an electro-chemical reaction by the fuel cell without combustion.


  • Uses low-volatility fuel

  • 100% reliable, always available

  • Robust industrial construction and metal casing

  • Near-silent operation, can be used in some confined spaces

  • Hybrid solution for battery charging with wind or solar power

  • Remote control for operation and monitoring included

  • Environmentally friendly, extremely efficient

  • Mobile, light and compact



ECOBOX-MR150 can be combined with a PV solar system to reduce fuel consumption and provide an even longer lasting power source.  If the solar modules can produce adequate electricity, the solar system takes over and Ecobox-MR150 goes into standby mode.




ECOBOX-MR150 fuel consumption is approximately 1.4 Litres per kWh of energy produced. A 20Litre drum of fuel would provide 14kWh of electrical power, or a run time of around 90 hours at an average 150W load.

Want more run time? Just add more fuel!