Horizon's approach to transport is to start small. Smaller power fuel cells consume less hydrogen, creating less reliance on third party infrastructure development. It also lowers the cost of the final product. Through our technical competence center based in the UK, we have developed what we believe to be the right way forward to bridge the infrastructure gap.

AUTOPAK Automotive fuel cell System

AUTOPAK is a turnkey automotive power system solution made in the UK using Horizon latest fuel cells, enabling low-cost hydrogen vehicles.



AutoPAK 3kW modules can be supplied individually or combined in parallel configuration to provide the required output power. The system is designed to be used in a 'baseload' or range-extender configuration for high efficiency lightweight electric vehicles in which peak loads are supplied by batteries or supercapacitors.

- 'Next-generation' PEM fuel cell stacks with UK-manufactured Johnson Matthey MEA for improved lifetime and power density.

- Arcola Command Module: smart management of the fuel cell reduces unnecessary start-stop cycles and zero-load idling to minimise stack degradation.

- Nitrogen purge option extends stack lifetime by eliminating degradation mechanism reactants before and after every operation.

- 93% efficient DC-DC converter.

- Output voltage (for vehicle-drive and battery/ultracapacitor charge) adjustable between 70-100V.

- Cold-start preheating enables use in temperatures as low as -5°C.

- Comprehensive data-logging & remote monitoring (via GSM) provide diagnostics to assist vehicle integrators' design decisions.

- Integration support and after-sales service options available from Arcola Energy Limited.

- Cost-effective customised solutions available on request to meet specific power requirements.