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Powering The Hydrogen Age

Founded in 2003, Horizon embarked on a global mission to create a safe, clean and sustainable future for humanity. Our technology, products, and applications, have evolved over a 20 year journey to create the world's most powerful zero emission fuel cells, turning vision to reality every step of the way. 

Welcome to our story.

Message from our Chairman


Our mission is to replace hydrocarbon fuels with an end to end zero carbon energy solution, seeking out the highest possible global impact in the nearest possible time frame.

Pragmatic and commercially-driven, Horizon embarked on a near impossible challenge 20 years ago. Through the years, the company went from strength to strength, from humble beginnings to building up a world leading technology, product, and manufacturing platform. 

Now we're making it happen: trains, ships, planes, trucks, busses and power plants - all are starting to transition to Horizon's hydrogen-electric technologies.

Our world-class team and eco-system partners are at the forefront of transforming the world as we know it, watch this space!

George Gu - Chairman of the Board

 Powering hydrogen trucks
at scale since 2018

Since 2015, Horizon invested heavily in the development of fuel cells for hydrogen electric mobility as there was a growing consensus that hydrogen would be a very important part of future decarbonization efforts around the world. 

Since 2018, the VL Series automotive stacks have been powering trucks and buses in China, ranging from midsized buses and light delivery trucks right up to 35t and 42t prime movers.


 Horizon has made progressively higher powered fuel cell modules as the years passed by, and is now a major producer of both air cooled and liquid cooled fuel cells.


The Gen-3 automotive fuel cells from Horizon were best in class on release, with power density above 4.9kW/L. 

The soon to be released fuel cells from Horizon include an ultralight version with
a record power density of 6kW/L.

1721658466306_.pic - 旧logo.png

World Record 500hp Fuel Cell Stack (370kW)

The most powerful single module PEM fuel cell in the world.



Megawatts of clean fuel cell power on a modular basis, using industrial hydrogen

by-product streams otherwise wasted.


The potential for hydrogen propulsion in the national rail system in South Korea is being validated using Horizon's 400kW modules



We launched HYZON Motors Inc. in the US to accelerate the global deployment of zero emission hydrogen heavy vehicles.

End to End Manufacturing at Scale

Enabling our transition to a Hydrogen Economy

Over the course of the past 20 years, Horizon has set up a globally unique end to end production capability in-house, ranging from catalysts to membrane electrode assemblies, to bipolar plate designs and fuel cell stack and system assemblies.

In 2019, Horizon installed over 20MW of fuel cell systems in commercial vehicles, leveraging flexible manufacturing systems that enabled the company to deploy anything from small air cooled fuel cells of a few watts up to single fuel cell modules of 150kW.

WhatsApp Image 2020-09-28 at 7.53.48 AM
2008: zero emission solutions for industry

As Horizon continued to scale up the size of its fuel cells, it also scaled up access to hydrogen whether as a packaged gas container (e.g. BOC / Linde Genie cylinders), or using on-demand, on-site production such reformer systems for back-up power applications. In 2008, Horizon ventured with one of the world's leading hydrogen suppliers to begin replacing diesel generators for industrial lighting,  construction sites and off-grid repair activities.

2010: hydrogen power as a service 

Back in 2010, Horizon was the first to launch small large scale construction site lighting and engineering equipment. It partnered with BOC Gases (Linde Group) to build a new hydrogen fuel cell as a service business to start the first commercial-scale deployments of fuel cells in the UK.

2009: hydrogen is in the air
group fuelcell.webp

Following several successful test flights starting in 2006 with a NASA-backed research team in California, and in 2007 with Deutsche Luft and Raumfhart (DLR), Horizon incubated a first laboratory in Singapore dedicated to zero emissions aerial mobility research.

HES Energy Systems was founded in 2009 and took on a new life in 2015 as part of H3 Dynamics - a new group formed and led by Horizon co-Founder Taras Wankewycz.

Preparing the next hydrogen generation

If you experimented with educational fuel cells as a student, chances are - we made them. 

Early in our journey, we productised our fuel cell experiments into a whole range of fun renewable energy technology discovery kits for schools. 


We have since formed a deep connection with a whole new generation of engineers that have a fond memory of their Horizon kits.

Do you remember your first fuel cell?

Several million units of small fuel cells were since commercialized across 65 countries. This early activity has spun-off as an independent company that has developed high quality educational content and school competitions.


Come change the world with us


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