VLS II Pro Liquid-Cooled Stacks
VSII Pro系统水冷电堆2.jpg

Product Description:

VLS II Pro is the upgraded version of VLS II series products, with improvements in structure, performance, and lifetime. The maximum power output of a single stack is up to 165kW, and they are applicable for a variety of medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

Product Features:

  • Optimized MEA and Bipolar Plates production process improves the overall performance of the stack

  • Easy to integrate and maintain thanks to single side air inlet and outlet structure design

  • Reduced the total weight by improving Bipolar Plate design

Product Parameters:

VLS II series Liquid-Cooled Stack

Product Description:

Rated power of this product series ranges from 15kW to 170kW, mainly applicable for medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicle.

​Product Features:

  • High power density:4.2kW/L, comparable to metal bipolar plate stacks

  • In-house technology and manufacturing of key components

  • Ultra-thin graphite composite bipolar plate technology, with thickness of only 1/2-1/3 of traditional graphite bipolar plates.

  • Low hydrogen cycle ratio: <50%, low humidification requirement: 40% @70C


Product Parameters:

H series air-cooled stacks

Product Description:

Stack rated power covers 12W-5000W, and it is applicable for distributed power plants, bicycles, racing vehicles (such as Shell environmental protection marathon) and other products.

​Product Features:

  • Light weight, small size, easy to install and move

  • Low noise, simple structure, high reliability

  • Fast start-up speed and short response time

  • Good environmental adaptability in varying weather conditions

  • Simple control strategy, easy to integrate into various application systems

Product Parameters: