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Press Release Archive 

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06.14.2024     Horizon AEM Electrolyser Achieves 95% Efficiency

05.13.2024     Horizon Achieves Scientific Breakthrough in new AEM Technology: It’s a Game-Changer for the Cost of Green Hydrogen

02.27.2024     Horizon’s New AEM Electrolyser Technology Brings the World Closer to $1/kg Green Hydrogen

02.08.2024     Horizon Installs First MW-scale Electrolyser at a United Nations’ Hydrogen Demonstration City

12.19.2023     Horizon receives equity commitment from Anglo American for the launch of new hydrogen electrolyser business

10.20.2023     Fuel cell leader Horizon Unveils MW-scale Electrolyser Platform

10.10.2023     Horizon Supplies 2MW Fuel Cell CHP Powerplant

01.28.2021     Shanghai Horizon Ranked as KPMG China's Leading Autotech 50 - Innovators in Electrification

09.04.2020     Horizon and DeepBlue launch partnership to develop smart fuel cell logistics vehicles in China


07.29.2019     Heavy Vehicle Electrification To Accelerate With Horizon High Power Stacks

07.10.2019     1,000 Fuel Cell Electric heavy vehicles for cleaner port operations - Powered by Horizon

05.22.2019     Ultra-thin bipolar plates from Horizon deliver high power density, offer cost-reduction potential in PEM fuel cells

04.08.2018     Containerised 200kW Fuel Cell system shipped to South Korea, for  deployment at Ulsan Technopark.

05.23.2017     Mobile Signals are crystal clear for Horizon as cellular players latch onto Fuel Cell systems

03.27.2017     Horizon accelerates in the transport sector with 30KW project.

03.13.2017     Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies announces 200Kw Fuel Cell project in South Korea

02.07.2017     Horizon’s air-cooled fuel cells power electric buses around the world

06.30.2016     5Kw and 7.5Kw Methanol reformer enabled FC systems for long duration backup power launched

09.2015          Huge Value from a Tiny Fuel Cell Power Pack

02.13.2014     Horizon's fuel cells take Malaysian team to 1st place at Shell Ecomarathon Asia

09.26.2013     Small steps to a hydrogen powered climate solution-ROBERT GOTTLIEBSEN

08.27.2012     Horizon begins shipments of i-H2GO hydrogen fuel cell car miniature controlled by smartphone

06.17.2012     Successful UK Road Tests Underway for First Horizon Fuel Cell Powered Passenger Car

07.25.2012     Retailers Begin Sales of Horizon's Portable Micro-Fuel Cell Products    

05.18.2012     MIT FABLAB & Horizon Fuel Cell Launch Crowd-Accelerated Innovaion Initiative  

03.29.2012     Tackling Climate Change With STEM Education: "Destination Zero Carbon" Goes Global  

03.01.2012     Horizon Launches Global Fuel Cell System Integration Platform Based in the UK  


07.19.2011     Horizon's Hydrogen Fuel Cells Propel Singapore Teams to Victory at Shell EcoMarathon Asia  

02.23.2011     Pilus Energy Forms Strategic Alliance with Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies  

09.01.2010     Horizon Fuel Cell Powered Team Wins 1st Place at Shell Eco-Marathon Asia 2010  


02.11.2010     Horizon Develops New Revolutionary Hydrogen Fuel Generator Technology  

08.23.2010     IAI Malat equips BE650-LE Unmanned Aircraft with Horizon's AEROPAK Fuel Cell System  

08.11.2010     First All-Inclusive Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power System for Unmanned Aircraft Launched Today  

07.20.2010     Hydrogen Sailboat 2KW Power System Tested


06.16.2010     Horizon Launches Pocket-Size Fuel Cell Power Plant for Portable Electronics  

02.03.2010     Hobby RC Industry Leaps into the Future with Hydrogen Power  

01.04.2010     Horizon to Unveil World's First "Personal Hydrogen Station" at CES 2010  

06.16.2009     Horizon's Fuel Cells Power the World's First Affordable Hydrogen Car  

03.18.2009     Horizon's Science Kits Help Prepare America for Jobs in Renewable Energy  

08.20.2008     Horizon Launches 1st Direct Ethanol Micro-Fuel Cell  

01.11.2007     Horizon Fuel Cell Powers World Record UAV Flight  

04.06.2007     World's First Zero Emission Fuel Cell Powered Jet Completes Maiden Flight

03.21.2007     Horizon's H-racer Wins Business 2.0 2007 Bottom Line Design Award  

07.12.2006     Hobby R/C Racing Enters Hydrogen Age!  

01.11.2006     H-racer Named “Best Inventions of 2006” by TIME Magazine        

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