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June 14, 2024 --(


Through a combination of several innovations, Horizon Fuel Cell’s scientists are operating AEM electrolysers at 0.35A/c㎡ at 1.56V/cell, with stable performance under lab conditions. This current density is similar to commercial alkaline electrolysers, however 20% higher efficiency is achieved with dramatically lower operating voltage.


May 13, 2024 --(


After close to 20 years of scientific research into fuel cell and electrolyser membranes, Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies is announcing a scientific breakthrough in Anion Exchange Membrane technology.

February 27, 2024 --(


Horizon Fuel Cell is announcing a technology breakthrough on Anion Exchange Membranes that could play a crucial role in realising the targeted $1/kg green hydrogen production cost at scale. 

1MW PEM electrolysis system-2 containers1.jpg

February 20, 2024 --(


Horizon Fuel Cell electrolyser subsidiary, HET Hydrogen Pte Ltd, has revealed its first MW-scale electrolyser installation, commissioned in late 2023

December 19, 2023 --(


Fuel Cell Technologies has secured a strategic investment from leading global miner Anglo American for a newly established subsidiary, HET Hydrogen Pte Ltd, that aims to manufacture hydrogen electrolysers to help decarbonise industries such as transport, steel manufacturing and fertiliser production.

画板 3 拷贝.png

October 20, 2023 --(


Horizon launches modular, MW-scale electrolysers to serve green hydrogen project developers around the world

October 10, 2023 --(


Horizon Fuel Cell recently delivered a containerised 2MW PEM fuel cell “Combined Heat and Power” (CHP) system, and targets deployment of zero emission stationary powerplants up to 100MW around the world


Seoul, S.Korea, January 23, 2020 --(


The Korean Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) will use 400kW PEM Fuel Cell powertrain from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (Horizon) to launch a prototype hydrogen train in 2020. The technology is being evaluated for full commercialization in the world-class South Korean train network.

September 2019 - Shanghai, China


The World's First Road Certified Class 8 Hydrogen Trucks are already here.

The Horizon-led deployment of the JMC trucks will be easily the largest fuel cell heavy duty truck fleet in the world and a significant step forward in clean mobility for heavy vehicles.

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