VL II series Liquid-Cooled System

Product Description:

The rated power of VL II series systems range from 60kW to 135kW. It is applicable for buses, logistics vehicles, tractors, trucks and other commercial vehicles. And it can be customized or available for joint development according to customers' needs.

​Product Features:

  • High integration, compact structure, local manufacturing

  •  In-house hydrogen circulation module design, with 10-100% hydrogen reflux ratio, which solve the problem of insufficient hydrogen supply for high-power density systems.

  • Strong environmental adaptability.

Product Parameters:

 VL II Pro Liquid-Cooled System

Product Description:

The VL II Pro series system integrates the VLS II Pro series stack. Compared with the VL II series, the structure and performance of this series have been greatly improved: volumetric density and mass density have been increased by 40% and 18% respectively.

​Product Features:

  • Improve the mass density by using the aluminum material and single-sided air inlet and outlet structure design

  • In-house hydrogen circulation module design, hydrogen reflux≥2.2m³/min

  • Integrated CVM inspection module and DC/DC module

  • Module design for Stacks and BOPs which allow easy maintenance


Product Parameters:

Power Plant Fuel Cell System

Product Description:

Integrate Horizon's VLS II fuel cell stack. This system adopts a skid-mounted design and is applied to the power generation plant.

​Product Features:

  • Modular design, very easy to install

  •  Fully automatic control mode

  • DC-AC inverters meet international requirements

  • Can be used as regular electricity and backup electricity

  • Suitable for local or remote real-time monitoring

  •  Long life and high efficiency

Product Parameters:

 T series Air-Cooled System

Product Description:

The T series is highly integrated with Horizon's air-cooled H series of fuel cell stacks, which are widely used in off-grid power generation and backup power supply fields, such as telecommunication base stations, security monitoring and data centers.

​Product Features:

  • The cost is lower than diesel power system

  • Remote intelligent monitoring

  •  Equipped with anti-theft solution

  •  Optional extended operation/auxiliary fuel tank

  •  Low operating noise and strong environmental adaptability

  •  High reliability, flexible backup power

  • Can be mixed with solar or wind energy


Product Parameters: