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Seoul, S.Korea, January 23, 2020 --(


The Korean Railroad Research Institute (KRRI) will use 400kW PEM Fuel Cell powertrain from Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies (Horizon) to launch a prototype hydrogen train in 2020. The technology is being evaluated for full commercialization in the world-class South Korean train network.


September 2019 - Shanghai, China


The World's First Road Certified Class 8 Hydrogen Trucks are already here.

The Horizon-led deployment of the JMC trucks will be easily the largest fuel cell heavy duty truck fleet in the world and a significant step forward in clean mobility for heavy vehicles.

November 4 - 2019

Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has released specifications for its next generation (VL-III) high power automotive fuel cells. Able to produce 500hp (370kW) with power density exceeding 5kW/L and 5kW/kg, the new fuel cells from Horizon comfortably provide the power needed to displace the majority of large diesel engines.

Volume production of Horizon VL-II fuel cells for buses and medium to heavy duty trucks commenced in 2019, serving customers around the world.

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